Argen Noble Crown NF (PFM)

Argen Noble Crown NF (PFM) copings are created using 3D rapid prototype laser sintering technology.


Color: White
Type: 4, PFM
ADA Classification: Noble (N)
PGM: 25%


  • Warm color.
  • More homogeneous microstructure (>99%) than conventionally cast metal.
  • No tension in framework as opposed to cast metal.
  • Use same veneering porcelain as for conventional non-precious alloys (CTE 14.1).
  • Non-allergenic – Free of nickel and beryllium.


Pd 25%
Co 42.75%
B <1%
Mo 12%
Cr 20%



Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (25-500C/25-600C) 14.1/14.8
Vickers Hardness (VHN) 335
Yield Strength (0.2% offset) 90,000 psi / 620 MPa)
Modulus of Elasticity (GPa) 192
Elongation 4%
Density 9.2g cm3


Delivery Schedule

Turn Around Time: 72 hours

A case submitted by 3:00pm on Monday will be received Thursday

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