Argen NobleBond (PFM)

Argen NobleBond (PFM) is the most economical NOBLE alloy for PFM restorations. This unique alloy is silver-free with universal porcelain compatibility for regular fusing porcelains.

How is NobleBond classified as Noble?

The ADA classification system defines Noble as alloys that have at least 25% or more of gold plus the platinum group elements. Ruthenium is one of the platinum group elements.


Why is NobleBond important now?

The high price of palladium has resulted in challenging prices on what used to be low cost palladium silver alloys. Argen’s new NobleBond alloy is an answer to the high price of palladium and the daily fluctuating price.


Ruthenium Cobalt Chromium Gallium Boron
25.0% 40.0% 24.0% 11.0% Trace



  1. Since NobleBond contains 75% non-precious elements the alloy must be handled like a CoCr alloy. The ingots will not pool together when the alloy is molten. The crucible should be preheated in the burnout oven prior to casting.
  2. Oxidation must be done under vacuum.



Fire a wash coat of opaque at 10-15°F (10°C) above normal temperature, masking the alloy 60-70%, followed by a regular opaque coat. Refer to the porcelain manufacturer instructions for cobalt base alloys.

For Noritake Porcelain you must use Base Paste (POBA).



Use Co/Cr Pre for pre soldering. For laser welding use LWNPCO. Post soldering is not recommended.

Delivery Schedule

Turn Around Time: 72 hours

A case submitted by 3:00pm on Monday will be received Thursday

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