Wax/Temp (PMMA)

Here at Complete Milling Lab we choose to carry products that we know and love. Reach out to us with any questions or check out our FAQ page. All WAX/TEMP orders can be placed using the link below. 


Cercon® PMMA Burn-out

Turn Around Time:

48 Hours

Suitable for producing crowns and bridges using the overpress or casting techniques. It is only approved for extraoral use.


Burnout PMMA Disks Information

Ideal for precise casting or pressing of metal and all-ceramic frameworks. This material burns out clean without leaving residue. Multiple disc sizes are available in red and clear.

Material strength of >80 MPa results in greater precision in milling

Excellent translucency

Mills efficiently and polishes easily

Burning residual < 0.05% (2h at 500°C)


Direction of Use – Attached


Turn Around Time:

48 Hours

DiagWAX is a real wax material to be used with lost wax techniques when casting or pressing alloys or ceramics.  Additionally, its bright white shade combined with its true wax characteristics allow for the perfect presentation of highly esthetic cases.


  • Full-mouth diagnostic wax-ups in a fraction of the time.

  • Digitize your diagnostic wax-ups and generate profits already with case presentations.

  • Use your inLab software for 99% of the work and give the case your final individual touch by carving and shaping the wax as you see fit.

Cercon® PMMA

Turn Around Time:

48 Hours

The growing need for more translucent temporary materials being used for temporary/provisional crowns and bridges has significantly expanded the request for PMMA.

Highly translucent PMMA is available in all 16 VITA® shades

  • Increased wear time up to twelve (12) months.

  • Provisional teeth (up to and including second, premolars)

* VITA is a trademark of VITA Zahnfabrik


Turn Around Time:

48 Hours

WAX is an acrylic wax material to be used with lost wax techniques when casting or pressing alloys or ceramics.


  • Combines the advantages of digital designs with conventional techniques

  • Burns out without residue

  • Allows for add-ons with conventional wax



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