inCoris ZI

inCoris ZI is a pre-shaded high-performance zirconium oxide material. It is the ideal choice for the fabrication of crown copings as well as multiple-unit anterior and posterior bridges. The substructures are fabricated from pre-shaded inCoris ZI material and therefore ensure the highest shade reliability.


  • High strength for long anterior and posterior bridge frameworks
  • Outstanding translucency
  • Shade reliability due to five different pre-shaded zirconium oxides


inCoris shades and corresponding VITA Classic shades A-D:


inCoris Shade VITA Classic Shades
F0.5 A1, B1
F1 A2, B2, C1, C2, D2
F2 A3, D3
F3 A3.5, B3, C3, D4
F4.5 A4, B4, C4


Material properties:


ZrO2+ HfO2+Y2O2 >99.0%
Al2O3 <0.5%
Other oxides <0.5%
Density 6.05g cm3
Fracture toughness KIC 5.9MPa m1/2
Coefficient of thermal expansion (20-500C) 11.0 10-6 K-1
Bending strength >900MPa

Delivery Schedule

Turn Around Time: 48 hours

A case submitted by 3:00pm on Monday will be received Wednesday

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